Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey Julia! I thought only ALBANIANS did this kind of shit to each other? Julia?....Julia....?

From Balkan Insight, 21 June 2008

Serb Police Officer Shot Dead in Kosovo

21 June 2008 Mitrovica _ A Serb police officer has been found shot dead in northern Kosovo.

He was found dead around 0000 CEST (2200 GMT) in his car, a few kilometres north of the ethnically divided town of Mitrovica.

“Soon after the police identified the victim, two Serb male suspects were detained,” Besim Hoti, the spokesman for the Kosovo Police Service in the Mitrovica region said.

He added found around 30 automatic weapon shells at the murder spot.

The victim is believed to have been shot while driving in the village of Rudare, five kilometres north of Mitrovica, in a predominantly ethnic Serb area of Kosovo.

Local Serb radio KIM reported the victim was Todor Deverdzic, who is thought to have on Belgrade payrolls but working as a police officer in Kosovo.

The body in the bullet-riddled Volkswagen Golf was identified by Deverdzic's neighbours, who confirmed for Balkan Insight that Deverdzic was on Belgrade’s payroll.

Since 1999 and the setting up of the United Nations mission in Kosovo, Belgrade has created parallel structures in predominantly Serb areas to maintain its grip on the territory. It is widely believed there are civilian policemen from Serbia in these areas. Kosovo Albanian daily Koha Ditore recently reported about 'secret' Serbian police stations in the enclaves and Kosovo’s north but Belgrade’s top officials have denied this.

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Vincent Jappi said...

Three groups of French dupes of Serb propaganda presented this ambush as "proof of the urgent need to help our Serb brethren"... until I found on the "Koha Ditore" website the article saying he was a member of the Serbian MUP and the victim of personal score-settling, and translated it for them. :-)