Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Introducing "The Albanian Reality Check VIDEO Blog"!

Presented here for your viewing pleasure (?) is my first attempt at a video version of the blog.  I plan on doing from time to time video entries to this blog in addition to the standard written ones.  This is actually something I've had in mind for some time, but just had never gotten around to doing until now.  So take a look (I admit it's a bit "raw", but I'm sure that my "camera presence" will improve with time. :) ), and let me know what you think, folks!

1 comment:

Justice4Presheva said...

Hey Peshkatari,

I'm looking forward to these upcoming 'episodes', if you will. I'm always interested in hearing/reading what you have to say/write and I'm certainly glad that things are back on tracks and ready to continuing your blog.