Saturday, February 23, 2008

"I'll see your watch, and raise you some shoes, a couple of fur coats, and....

Remember the video that made the rounds after Bush's visit to Albania this past summer? The one that purports to show just how brazen and utterly scummy Albanians "really" are because it appears like one of them in a crowd he was shaking hands with pulled his watch off his wrist? Well, in the case of those oh-so "Godly, Christian" Serbs, there's no room for debate or doubt as to whether they "did it" or not. Nope, it's there for all to see, up close and personal. All the burning, the trashing, the rock, stone, and molotov throwing (of course, when it comes to Serbian National(Social)ism, I've always said that the adherents of that ideology have "more balls than brains"). Just like a little kid who's parents took away it's favorite toy, and so to "get even" (and bizarrly enough, attempt to get some sympathy as well), they trash all the rest of their toys as well. "I'LL SHOW YOU!!" Yep, you sure did....and still are, folks.

And no "spins" about it, these two pretty young "patriots for the fatherland" decided it was their duty as well to "stick it to the man" as a show of defiance against all the "serbophobe nazi-fascists of the world", live and in color. (And I'm sure the fact that they were getting some bitchin' shoes and coats to boot had nothing to do with it, right? Riiiiiggggghhhhtttttt....)

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