Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yet more catching up....

Tungjatjeta (hi) everyone!

Well, as I predicted, and as has indeed happened, the "family matter" I've had to attend to in my life has done a pretty good job of keeping me from posting here, and likely will continue to for several months to come. Good enough of a job that I haven't even had the chance to make a congratulatory post on the declaration of independence of Kosova until now. (Where was I on the 18th of February? In the central part of Wisconsin, snowed in, without even an internet connection! *sob* But you can be damn sure I was watching CNN, FOX, and CNBC/MSNBC like a freakin' SKIFTER, all day! lol) I have some blog comments in the hopper waiting to be published (and responded to), and some e-mails from readers of the blog assured, I will get to them in the near future.

For right now, though, I plan on first doing some posts regarding independence and the struggles (and there will be struggles, as there are for new countries even under the best of circumstances) of the new Kosova state in the days, weeks, and months to come, as well as helping to make sure that the world sees in just what sort of "Christian, civilised" manner their former would-be "masters" are taking it.

One thing I want to say though is this: Just as I predicted, the "Haters" are unleashing a veritable shitstorm of oprobrium, calumny, and "inat" against the Albanian community, including the Albanian diaspora (and yes, Julia, I'm talking about you, sweetiepants), in a hopeful (but vain, if I and those like me have any say) attempt to turn public opinion against Kosova and Kosovars, Albania proper, and in general Albanians everywhere, including patriotic, America-loving Albanian-Americans. Add to that the fact that a lot of the "Haters" are self-labled "Conservatives" of different sorts, and most of them are pissed as hell at the thought that John McCain (a staunch supporter of Kosova independence, BTW) will be their party's standard-bearer come this November, well....that is just adding fuel to their determination.

But I will be here, and I will continue best as I can (though not nearly as much as I'd like to be able to) to "fight the good fight" against their lies, slander, and propaganda, all of which I believe has but one purpose: To foster ultimately the eradication, culturally if not physically, of the Albanian people from planet earth!

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