Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coño, Vllazen, coño!

(For those who don't know Caribbean Spanish, "Coño" is an expletive roughly equivalent to "damn!", and yes, the title of this post is a linguistically mixed play on "Çonju vllazen, çonju!")

It's interesting that back when the Kosova crisis first heated up, most of those taking the side of Serbia were of the far-left political persuasion. Well, times have changed, and while Serbia still has it's supporters from that side of the political equation, the majority of it's supporters now seem to come from the far right. How ironic it is, then, that they should find themselves on the same side of the Kosova status fence with this "gentleman"....

On the other hand, I can speak from personal experience that most Cubans do not share "El Lider Maximo's" feelings about Albanians or Kosova, and in fact, here is a bit about one Cuban-American who's helped do something for the Albanians of Kosova.

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