Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sooooo tolerant! Sooooo multicultural! (then again, maybe not so much....)

Much ado has been made by our "friend" Julia Gorin about just how tolerant and open to living with people of cultures other than their own Serbia is. While this may well be true in some instances, in others, well, um...maybe not so much....

For those wondering, the picture at top is a piece of Serbian National(social)ist propaganda demonising Albanians over the alleged assault and sodomisation of a Kosovar Serb farmer and Yugoslav National Army civilian employee named George Martinovic in early 1985, who claimed that the acts were perpetrated on his person by a couple of Albanian attackers. Investigating authorities found that it was more likely that the wounds suffered by Martinovic from the supposed "sodomising" were really more likely from "self-abuse" than from any assault. For those who might wish to claim that the investigation was invalid because it took place during the period when the Albanian majority "ruled" the province, it should be known that after the termination of Kosovar autonomy in 1989, no attempt was made by Serbian authorities to re-open the case, even in spite of the efforts of a "crusading" journalist from a once-reliable Serbian newsmagazine.

The picture beneath it is a little simpler to explain. It is one of the posters generated to advertise the Anti-Masonic (read Anti-Semitic) exposition, held in Belgrade in late 1941-early 1942, and sponsored by the Nazi-puppet ruler, Gen. Milan Nedic. The "exposition" received rave reviews in respected Serbian publications of the time like Obnova and Nasa Borba.

Anyone notice any similarities between the two pictures? Naaahhh....didn't think so.

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