Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Zemun" is NOT how you say "Apple Dumpling" in Serbian!

Another thing the albanophobes seem to be obsessed with is the so-called "Albanian Mafia" According to them, the government of Kosova (and probably Albania proper as well) is run by them, they are best friends with Al-Qaida, and are even more powerful than the Russian and Italian mafias put together, among other unsubstantiated (or at best poorly substantiated) claims. (Gee, what's next? Maybe that they're the ones who really run Microsoft! Ya think?)
This blog will not try to convince you that there are no Albanians involved in organised crime, for the simple reason that there is no group of people in the world that does not have it's criminals, Albanians included, and probably at least some of them are engaged in what you and I would call "organised criminal activities". This is just a simple fact of human nature, unpleasant as it may be to admit.

However, the subject of this post is not about Albanian criminal activities (this blog trusts its readers to be sufficiently intelligent to freely investigate that on their own if they so wish, and draw their own conclusions of the "danger" to the world at large posed by them, or just how typical of Albanian society and culture such individuals involved in such activities really are), but rather about criminal activities our "opposition" opts never to mention (and small wonder, since it would completely destroy their argument that they are in toto a Godly, Saintly people); namely that of the Serbian Mafia, aka the Zemun gang (Zemun is a suburb of Belgrade). Of course, I'm sure that just as the late J. Edgar Hoover did with the American Mafia, if asked, they would deny there's any such thing as a Serbian mafia, (The Serbs being to the last man, woman, and child being such "Godly Christians", of course). However, there is indeed a Serbian mafia, and it has included among its members such personages as the great Serbian "hero" (or at least he is to the National(social)ists), Zeljko Raznatovic, aka "Commandante Arkan" (see what a wonderful guy he was-even kind to animals!). and it's interesting to note that they call themselves "Nasa Stvar". Now supposedly in Serbian, "Nasa Stvar" means "The Future Belongs To Us". I wonder if that is as in "The World Is Yours", or more like "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"? One thing's for sure: They don't have a lot in common with these guys.

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