Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's The National(social)ist Politics, Stupid!

Perhaps some of you who are reading this who are not Albanian may be wondering, "Why won't the Kosovar Albanians accept the 'generous' offer of broad-ranging autonomy offered by the current Serbian government in place of total independence, since they were willing to accept autonomy as recently as the Rambouillet talks?" A fair enough question, so here is the simple, point-by-point answer:

1. Let us say that the Kosova provisional government accepts said offer of autonomy. In all likelihood, this will strengthen the position in the eyes of the voting public of Serbia of the these guys, who won the latest parliamentary elections, though fortunately not by a large enough percentage of seats to govern, and were shut out by a coalition of the other political parties.

2. Emboldened by the seeming "victory" of Serbia having regained control over it's beloved "Kosmet", the SRS gains support among the electorate.

3. The next election cycle comes around, the SRS promises to make this and this realities, and wins a handy majority, enough to form either a coalition-less government, or one with partners "junior" enough not to impede the Radicals in making real their desires.

4. SRS makes null and void all agreements between the Kosova provisional government and the government of the the Republic of Serbia, and makes good on their promises regarding Kosova. Tanks are sent in, military and paramilitary forces stream in full force, Russia has it's "little brother's" back, pointing some lovely little nuclear phallic symbols at the rest of the world until the SRS finishes the job it said it would do.

And that is why Kosova must insist on nothing less than complete independence; not to build up some ridiculous "Islamic Caliphate in the Balkans", or to fulfill the dream of a "Greater Albania", but simply to survive, as all human beings wish to do, according to the instinct planted in them by their Creator.

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