Sunday, November 18, 2007

OK, I can hear somebody right now saying or thinking, "Peshku, why the hell are you bothering worrying about a bunch of nobodies like these guys? Someone "high profile" like Julia Gorin or Michael Savage I can understand, but these losers??" Well, let me say that even organisations like the ADL (IMO, we need an Albanian version of that, and have for some time) and The Southern Poverty Law Center monitor hate groups and Haters even less "significant" than JTF, Why? Because you can never take it for granted that people will see such groups and persons for the nutjobs they are. Also, because some of the most evil movements ever to threaten the peace and safety of the world started out as a few "nutjobs" getting together to bitch about what was pissing them off in their country and in the world, and to something about it-usually by force. The Nazis started out as six disgruntled German vets meeting in a bar.

So who or what is JTF? JTF stands for "Jewish Task Force". (The original name of the organisation was "Jewish Task Force on Media Bias".) They are an offshoot of Martin "Meir" Kahane's "JDL" (Jewish Defense League), an organisation that advocated Jewish people using indiscriminate violence to defend themselves and eliminate anti-semitism. Most notably, the the JDL was hugely racist, especially against Arabs and African-Americans (though for some reason Italian-American Catholics-esp. those who happened to be mafiosi-they didn't seem to have a problem with....). The JTF was founded in 1998 by and is today lead by a former JDL leader named Victor Vancier, better known to most today as "Chaim Ben Pesach". Vancier, who resembles both in facial appearance and dress the younger version (John Megna) of the Hyman Roth character from Godfather Part II, is a convicted terrorist, among other things. His organisation, like the one it is an offshoot from, is one that advocates violence and indiscriminate law breaking, is racist (one must admit, the idea of "Jewish White Supremicists" is one that kind of boggles the mind!), islamophobic, and has a long list of people and countries that they spew hate-filled invectives, including now Albania, all the Albanian-inhabited lands of the Balkans, and the Albanian people themselves. They have a standard organisation, a website, and produce videos that are aired on local public access in New York City, as well as are shown on youtube.

Of course, part of the reason for why they have so viciously targeted Albanians is doubtless because they have chosen to buy into the patently un-true myth that Albanians are by definition Muslims (though even if it were true, that would still be no justification, of course). But part of it is also because, in the true tradition of other bizzare alliances and collaborations, they have bought into the Serbian National(Social)ist lies that Serbs were the only ones to resist the Nazis in the Balkans, and the only ones to save Jews, and hence have joined their "side". Among other things, the JTF have moved on from making videos where they are "merely" demonising the Albanian people in opposition to the Serbs re: Kosova, to videos where Albanians and Albania are the exclusive targets of vicious harangues, including one where Vancier expressedly called for the abolition of the Albanian state, and the deportation of all Albanians to either Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

Now you still may ask: "Why bother with these jokers?" And my answer to that has been, and is: Because they advocate violence. Because they advocate the dismantling of the Albanian state, and the deportation of Albanians in the Balkans to Saudi Arabia or Turkey. Because they advocate mindless hate towards Albanians, based on lies, distortions, and half-truths. Because people need to know, no matter how "small" and "insignificant" they are. To me, so much as one "innocent" person falling victim to their propaganda and believing their garbage is one person too many, and so if this informational post, like my others on similar personages and groups, can save one person from being deluded by their lies, then I consider my time well spent.

Before I close, I am going to post a few of their more vitriolic Anti-Albanian videos. See for yourself. Be enlightened, so you won't be deceived!

And here's a few examples of their racism for good measure....

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Albiqete said...

As will many hate groups, a day will come when someone will whack them silly with a blowtorch.
These two idiots are out for a quick buck. You know what I mean and no surprise from where from Mother Serbia. Probably Jim Jatras has something to do with this.