Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sometimes, it's enough to make yer head spin....

So what am I talking about here? The latest outrageously asinine Anti-Albanian piece I've come across on the 'net? Another one of the "Haters" putting out another pack of lies and half-truths in their desperate crusade to not only prevent Kosova independence, but to even possibly bring harm to the Albanian community in general? Nope.....this time I'm talking about my crazy life, which unfortunately shows little sign of slowing down. Besides changes at work, I'm also busy as I am every year at this time with helping to organise our local Diten e Flamurit (Day of the Flag-Albanian Independence Day) dinner/dance. (Now maybe you see what I mean when I said from the outset that I knew this blog would become difficult to keep up if I had to do it as a "solo act"!) Unfortunately, I can't say just how much things will slow down after that, with The Holidays coming up shortly after Thanksgiving and Diten e Flamurit. But I will try to continue on doing the blog as best I can during this crazy busy time, regardless. It's mission is, at least IMO, too important. But by the same token, please bear with me if sometimes it's a week or two between postings, or if I am only able to make 10 or 12 posts in a month, instead of 25 or 30. Falemnderit!

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