Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Question: Why Do So Many "Conservatives" Seem to feel being Pro-Serb/Anti-Albanian is a Mandatory Part of being a "True" Conservative?

Today, I'd like to try something a little different on the ol' ARC: A little "audience participation", as it were. Specifically, I'd like to get your thoughts and opinions on why it seems that so many so-called "Conservatives" consider being Pro-Serb and Anti-Albanian to be a mandatory part of being a Conservative. The reason I'm asking is because, if you've ever noticed, most of the haters out there, from La Julia and Don Feder, to "policy analyst" Mary Mostert, to Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage, Michael Reagan, most of the folks who frequent Free Republic, "new media" news sites like FrontPageMag, WorldNetDaily, etc. seem to be all Conservative Republicans or tend to represent that point of view. Now, mind you, there are some Conservatives who are on our side, like Bill O'Reilly (and IIRC, Sean Hannity too, though I can't remember for sure if he is or not), and some Conservative bloggers, like Patrick Poole. But by and large, most Conservatives seem to have a "Why, of course!" attitude towards the fact that they are Pro-Serb and Anti-Albanian, like it's an automatic given.

Now, I've been following Kosova since before I even got involved with the Albanian community, so I'm pretty aware of how things have developed over the past 15 years or so, both over there proper, and in other areas like political support for and against intervention in the situation that existed from '89 to '99. And I remember quite clearly that when we decided to intervene in the situation there, most of those opposed to it (or at least the most vocal) were far lefties like Jared Israel of, and various "peace movement" types, all of whom the Serbian lobby courted quite fastidiously. There were a few "righties" out there, like La Julia, Feder, and the "freepers", who even back then were writing in opposition to it, either on "libertarian" non-interventionist grounds, or putting forth the old "The Serbs were our friends in two World Wars, and the Albanians have never been anything to us" argument, but they were a very small and easily ignored percentage of the voices out there (in fact, Pro-Serb/Anti-Albanian Conservative support didn't even hit my radar until about 2004). Most "Conservative" politicians, IIRC, supported intervention in Kosova back in '99. But something happened in between '99 and now. While there are still folks like Jared Israel and his buds out there still agitating for Serbia, and trying to defend the ghost of Milosevic, the majority of voices out there trying to derail Kosova independence, esp. in the "new media" and "blogosphere" are mostly Conservative/Republican.

Now all this makes me want to ask: "Why?" I mean, what is it about the Serbian/Albanian situation in the Balkans, both today and in history, or more the point, the Serbs and Albanians as peoples, that seems to make most Conservatives these days come out in support of the Serbs? I understand the "religion thing" is a part of it: After all, approximately 70% of all Albanians are Muslim. But that neglects two things: First, that Muslims, like Christians and Jews, are hardly uniform in all beliefs and practices. And Second, that 30% of all Albanians are Christian. Is it culture? It's hard to understand if it's from that point. Albanians have been famous for centuries for their independent spirit, industriousness, willingness to fight for what they believe in, strong families, hospitality, loyalty to friends, and the fact that like most Americans define themselves as American first, then a member of whatever religion they've chosen, most Albanians define themselves as Albanian first, then whatever religion they belong to. Those are all values that to the best of my knowledge are shared by most Conservatives.

So I'm hoping that some of you might put forth some opinions on exactly why so many Conservatives support Serbia and the Serbs so voiciferously. I'd especially like to hear from any readers who consider themselves "Conservative", since obviously they'd be likely to have the best insight into the matter. Now discuss! :)


Alan Jakšić said...

Hi there Peshkatari, or Mirdita!

I'm the writer of the Balkan Anarchist blog, which you can visit here.

I've been to your blog before, and you present lots of realistic views and opinions. However, what I find rather unpalattable is your far-reaching condemnation of the pro-Serb side when it comes to Kosovo, or Kosova as you call it.

Ok, some of the protagonists of that camp may say things that are either factually incorrect or perhaps convey facts in an incorrect manner. But those members of the public who oppose Kosovo independence, however much you may personally justify it, do deserve some form of decent representation at the very least. And there are moderate advocates out there who do just that without having to apologising for Milosevic. Do have a look.

And why add "New Serbian Optimism" to your list of haters? Ok, I've seen the YouTube video on their site, and let me assure you that I don't agree with everything worded in that film. But that is a site devoted to bolstering the positive side of Serbia in the world of sport; there's nothing wrong with "tooting Serbia's horn", as you put it, "over any sort of sport achievement". That's the best way to promote any country and nation!

I notice where you mention in the article how you first heard from the "Pro-Serb/Anti-Albanian Conservative" crowd only in 2004. May I remind you that 2004 was the year in which the 17th March pogrom in Kosovo took place, followed later in that year by the November presidential elections in America between George Bush and John Kerry, who basically gave his support for an independent Kosovo. So it's not surprising that the anti-independence voice started to become louder at that time.

You ask why so many Conservatives support Serbia and the Serbs, in your opinion, "so vociferously". I say why not, why not support Serbia and the Serbs? Is it a criminal offence to oppose Kosovo independence? I certainly don't think so. And is it so wrong to support a nation that, let's face it, has been so manipulated and grossly mislead by its many idiotic leaders during the 1990s, like the one mentioned above and the one you mention here? I think precisely such a people, like the Serbs, deserve and actually need, hear me out, need the support of other nations, even if some of its own members clearly don't deserve it.

You condemn those who are "pro-Serb" and "anti-Albanian". Instead, how about you ask yourself, and your readers in turn, do you have to be "anti-Serbian" to be "pro-Albanian"?

I certainly ain't anti-Albanian myself, I can tell you that for sure.

Do visit my website when you can Peshkatari. I hope to write and post a decent and balanced article on Kosovo soon. And please don't add me to your list of haters, 'cause I don't hate any nation under the sun.

4Drejt-C said...

Now all this makes me want to ask: "Why?"

Greetings Peshkatar,

Conservative representations of the Albanian have clearly testified to a penchant for dividing the two parties into pro and anti-Albanian; the conservative ball club that you have up there is known for the pure misinformation, the repetition and the absence of genuine perspective when it comes to dealing with Muslim countries. It is no surprise, the religion of Islam collectively confronts and personifies the conservative identity.

Expect America's Mayor, a popular candidate amongst many Alb-American highlanders (Malsoret)to sink on the same boat, for he has the King of the 700 Club looking over his shoulder now.

Have a happy Veterans Day, C-man!