Friday, August 17, 2007

Anybody know how you say "Mein Kampf" in Serbian?

It's interesting how Serbian National(Social)ists accuse Albanians of being inveterate liars, deceivers, etc., while making themselves out to be the epitome of Godly Christian virtues, which of necessity would include honesty and transparency, I would think. Well, then again, maybe not so much, as this blogger makes clear in his blog, The Serb Liberation Blog. This wanna-be "revolutionary" (who sounds like he ranks right up there with these guys) has even managed to publish a little "manifesto" (sounds kinda like this manifesto). You can out his wonderful little "mission statement" below. (After you do, go and re-read my blog entry on Dr. Ramet. See a pattern?) And while yes, I'm pretty obviously mocking this maroon (as Bugs Bunny would likely call him), I also believe that he is far from alone in his basic sentiments, and that he is in fact a very good example of my "more balls than brains" comment I made in an earlier post. And for that reason, I take the sentiments he expresses, if not him, quite seriously, and believe you should too.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Serb Liberation Manifesto: Part One

We, the Serb people, cannot allow the injustices against us to go unpunished. We have suffered tremendously. We have faced things that few other nationalities have faced. Why do we continue to suffer? It is because we are not united and because of our good will as a people. Our fathers and mothers have taught us not to hate those who continue to abuse, cheat and destroy us. Our enemies are almost limitless but they are not invulnerable. The Serbs will unite one day; the question is if by then the Serb population will be 12 million or 12 thousand. Sooner or later those who continue to test our patience will answer to our revenge of reason.

We must also except that we may have allies through blood and faith but ultimately we cannot rely on them or anyone but ourselves. We must prepare for an all out battle but at the same time skirmish those who wish us harm. We must identify those who wish us harm and prosecute them in our own way; independently from any national or international court.

We must identify the propaganda against us and destroy it. If the propaganda is in the form of a page in a book; we must rip out that page and destroy it! If the propaganda is in the form of a book; we must destroy that book! If the propaganda is in the form of a website; we must sap their bandwidth! We must fight anyway we can! We must struggle anyway we can!

We must appear faceless to the enemy. They, the enemy, must fear all Serbs if they do not at least respect all Serbs. They must understand why we fight and struggle. We must educate those who are willing to listen. We must make Serbophobia a word as common as any other. For the enemy is sub-consciously Serbophobic if they are not openly.

We must protect ourselves from the enemy. We must protect our brothers and sisters from the armies of Serbophobes. We must protect those who protected us during the wars of the 90s in the Hague and protect those of us who face deportation for whatever reason. We must not only protect them financially but also physically, socially and emotionally! Let every news channel on earth broadcast our discontent! Let not a single day go by without the enemy seeing us protest. Let the enemy know that their lies will not last!

We will triumph; for destruction of Serbia, the Serb people and the Serb Orthodox faith will be the result if we are conquered.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Serb Liberation Manifesto: Part Two

We, the Serb people, must gather and spread the words of liberation. The liberation from those who wish us harm. The liberation from lies and deceit the enemy has wrought upon us. Why must we continue to remain silent and suffer a fate we do not deserve?

We must cast aside the belief that some of us have. The belief that the world will accept us. For they will not. Every acceptance by the world will mean much pointless sacrifice in return. We cannot be blinded by our good faith or sidetracked by petty bribes. We must unite as a people for only in that union can we survive as a community and individually. For those who have already betrayed their heritage and continue to betray it; we must isolate them and disconnect them from the Serb community.

We must not retreat from our blood. Our birth as Serbs is both a privilege and a responsibility. For we are honoured by our great history and culture but we must also be willing to sacrifice for the future.

As stated before; we must appear faceless to the enemy. The reason why is so as to keep the enemy paranoid. For once the enemy is paranoid then they will lash out at the Serb community and reveal their true identity to the world. For the world does not see the enemy as we the Serbs see the enemy. We see their true face; the result behind every word and action. For in front of every one of their words and actions is a lie; a lie that the enemy has repeated since they declared their silent war against us.

Secrecy is our best weapon. In order to appear faceless to the enemy; there must be a code of silence within the Serb community. We must not help the authorities of any nation unless it betters the Serb community as a whole. In order for there to be a code of silence there must be complete cooperation from every Serb within the Serb community.

Every action and demonstration sends a shockwave throughout life. Do not judge any action in the cause for liberation as small; for all these actions put together creates a tide that can wipe out our enemies. Every small victory is worthy of praise. Every effort for the Serb cause is not an effort in vain. Every loss does not mean absolute defeat and every recovery from loss means a chance at total victory. We cannot dwell on failures but learn from them and move on.

We must learn from the lessons of yesterday to know how to use the tools of today in order to build a greater tomorrow. We have suffered but in that suffering we have grown strong. There is still much more left to be done. We cannot rely on our great history alone. It is in the future where we must prove ourselves as our ancestors have proven themselves. Greatness flows through our blood. Greatness must flow through our minds and our hearts. We must embrace our history and learn from it in order to mould our future.

We cannot allow the struggle to erode our will. We must be belligerent at all times. We cannot show the enemy any sign of weakness. We cannot allow our belligerence to diminish. We must reward bravery and loyalty. We must punish cowards and traitors. We must not take a step backward from our goal of a united country; of a united people and of a united faith. There are traitors within our ranks; we must identify them immediately so they do not hinder our plans for the future. We must remain united in our struggle, now and forever!

Serbia, the Serb people and the Serb Orthodox faith is at stake!


Zlatan Vrabac said...

Nice rant about my “Pro-Serbian National(social)ist” post. I hope have more up your sleeve then Nazi taunts.

François said...

Of course, we have an authority none other than "Patriarch" Varnava to tell us what the "Serb Orthodox Church" thought about Nazism in power:

"The Führer of the great German nation is leading a battle for the benefit of the whole of humanity... the justified battle of the German people for equality deserves the respect of all nations".
"Völkischer Beobachter", January 1937

"God has sent to the German people a far-seeing Führer... We believe in the Führer and in the truth of his word."
"München Neueste Nachrichten"

Old news? Not quite: Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic had this to say about Nazism:

"Yet due respect must be given to the present German Führer who, as a simple craftsman and a man of the people has seen that nationalism without a faith is an anomaly, a cold and unreliable mechanism. And see, in the 20th century, he has come to the idea of Saint Sava, and as a layman undertaken for his own people that most important of tasks, which befits only a saint, a genius and a hero."
"Vladika" Nikolaj Velimirović, in an address given on the Spring of 1935 --"the Nationalism of Saint Sava" (

Who is Nikolaj Velimirovic? The lastest "saint" of the Serbian orthdox church. When was he "canonized"? -- In 2003. Four years ago. That is still the PRESENT mindset of the "Serbian Orthodox church".