Monday, August 13, 2007

Wow! Just how much more "luvin" can we handle??

H/T to our good friend François!

UPDATE: The ever-amazing François comes through again! "Glory" in the english translation of those "wonderful" words that accompany the images in the video! Can't ya just feel tha luuuuuuvvvv!

New York is ablaze, the Pentagon in flames,
America, your ugly days have come
New York is burning, they destroy the Pentagon
Krajinans, let's return home!
What will the Zagreb government do now,
America is falling on its knees!
America, you will suffer even more,
you will pay for Jankovi´ca Dvori!
Because of Kosovo and my Krajina
?merica you got what you deserved
America, a revolt is in the wings,
you will burn because of the Lika and the Kordun.
America, there will be an earthquake,
you will pay us because of Kupres.
We'll catch Clinton by the neck,
kill him like Miloš killed Murat.
And to Madam Del Ponte let them tell her
That she will not save her skin.
The Serb hand will not hesitate
when it shoots Blair and Cook.
Serb brothers, the question is the day
when Solana is killed.
Let me spit on the Frenchman's face,
he hit the Serbs without mercy.
You will see, disreputable grizzles,
whose mother wears black wool.
You won't be an exception,
you too will have your Black Friday.


François said...

Schadenfreude for Schadenfreude:

The posts say:

1. "The Serb Krajina sings
And the enemies flee
"Burns, haha"

2. "And thus our singing Serbs took to their tractor line and --towards little mother Serbia!
Good luck and stay there!"

The Blue helmet speaks in "English" and the subtitles purport to translate him in Croatian:

"On the 4th of August [1995] in the afternoon they decided to evacuate the civilians
"from Knin and the surrounding towns. As soon as this was announced
"everyone started fleeing, including the soldiers"

The song:
(The Serb Krajina sings)


Pjeva srpska Krajina
a dušmani bježe
Krajišnici pjevaju
kad im je najteže (x2)

"The Serb Krajina sings
and the enemies flee
The Krajinans sing
in the worst situations"


Sa Dinare pjesme bruje
do srpskog se mora čuje
Od Svilaje do Karina
od Stikova sve do Knina


Odjekuje pjesma stara
od Petrovca I Drvara
Sve se ori do Strmice
I do Crkve lazarice


S' Velebita k'o nekada
Žegara i Zelengrada
Zapjevali hrabri borci
Bukovcani kršni momci


Peshkatari said...

Thanks, François! BTW, could you drop me a line at the e-mail addy I've put up on the main page, please. I'd like to have your e-mail addy so I can contact you privately about blog related matters in the future, if I may. Thanks in advance!

François said...

For those who want to sing that merry song in unison with those America-loving Serbs, here are the lyrics:
(in the Croatian dialect from the Krajina, which they left in haste in August 1995: some singers, those "Krajišnici"!)


Gori New York, Pentagon se pali
Аmeriko gadni su ti dani (X 2)
Gori New York Pentagon se ruši
Krajišnici vraćajmo se kući! (X 2)
Šta će sada u Zagrebu vlada
- Аmerika na koljena pada! (X 2)
Ameriko, Arapin Bin Ladin
Nije Turčin već Srbin Miladin (X 2)
Аmeriko bit će ti i gore
Platit ćeš za Jankovića Dvore! (X 2)
Аmeriko dobila si svoje
Zbog Kosova i Krajine moje! (X 2)
Ameriko, priprema se buna,
Gorjet ćeš zbog Like i Korduna. (X 2)
Ameriko, bit će zemljotresa,
Platit ćeš nam zbog Kupresa. (X 2)
Ameriko, bit će zemljotresa,
Platit ćeš nam zbog Kupresa. (X 2)
Doći ćemo Clintonu na vrata,
ubiti ga k'o Miloš Murata. (X 2)
I gospođi Del Ponte nek' jave
da se neće nanosati glave. (X 2)
Neće srpska zatajiti ruka
kad zapuca na Blaira i Cooka. (X 2)
Braćo Srbi, pitanje je dana
kad će biti ubijen Solana. (X 2)
Da ga pljunem u francusko lice,
tukao je Srbe nemilice. (X 2)
Vidjet ćete, propaliće sijede,
čija majka crnu vunu prede. (X 2)
Vi nećete biti izuzetak,
i vama će doći crni petak. (X 2)

(a few lines being omitted here, you may find the complete text here in Serbian: