Saturday, August 11, 2007

They really care about us! (Well....maybe not so much....)

Back in July, Albanophobe-In-Chief Julia Gorin published this letter she got from a retired NYPD officer named "Bob" At one point, "Bob" wrote:
On September 11th…I thought Serbs would be full of “I told you so.” However, I spoke to a friend of mine who lives in Serbia named Slavica a few days later. She was very worried and concerned for my safety. I asked her why she was so concerned about America?

Sounds decent enough of Slavica, doesn't it? Well.....maybe not so much when you hear the answer our retired New York's Finest got.

She replied that “if they can do that to America then what will happen to the rest of us.” For once I was speechless.

Well, I would've been too, "Bob", I would've been too! (Sounds like Slavica cares about us the same way Dr. Smith on Lost In Space usually cared about the Robinson family....)

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