Friday, August 17, 2007

Those Albanians, they're all liars, criminals, islamofascists, mafiosos, white slavers, yupyupyup....

Well, except that it appears no less an institution than Scotland Yard tends to disagree with that "assesment" on the part of our albanophobic "friends". Read it and smile!

Scotland Yard report states Albanians are non-problematic

Tirana August 15, 2007 TIR-FAX-The level of crimes committed by Albanian emigrants in the UK is very small compared to other foreigner communities according to a report published today by police authorities of London.

Albanian emigrants were not included in the top 20 list of the most problematic nationalities. The Poles were listed first with 2310 crimes, Jamaicans were second with 1750 crimes, whereas Irish came in third with 1390 crimes during the first half of 2007 according to the report.

Police stated that the most problematic citizens who were eligible to enter the UK without visa restrictions came from Poland, Ireland, Romania, Lithunia, France, Portugal and Italy. The report was published right after the General Director of the Special Organized Crime Agency declared that Albanians should not be held accountable for all crimes, and that the British media maligns them by naming Albanians as such.

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