Monday, September 3, 2007

Is THIS their idea of a "saint"??

Our friend François has forwarded many great info pieces to this blog, and here's another one: This time on "St." Nikolaj Velimirovic. Looking at his record of racism and National(Social)ism (and literal "National Socialism" as well), one wonders just how "Christian" a Christian body can be that makes someone like the late Bishop of Ohrid and Zica a saint of The Church? And that's not including his rampant Anti-Semitism. How anyone can claim that the Serbs are inherently "semitophilic" with words like this so openly spoken? How can any thinking member of the Jewish community ignore them, and go on to repeat the same old "Serbs love Jews, Albanians (and others) hate and kill 'em" litany taught to them by the Serbian National(Social)ists? It makes me sick just thinking about really does.

(NOTE: The above should in no way be taken to infer that all Serbs are in fact Anti-Semitic or support Anti-Semitism, either. There is good evidence-as testified to in Yad Vashem-that common, "everyday" Serbs did in fact help save their Jewish neighbors. The point of the post above is both to refute the propagandic notion that all Serbs inherently love Jews, and to point out the the poisonous opinions of men like Nikolaj Velimirovic have, can, and do influence the Serbian Orthodox Church, and by extention, its members.

Anyway, to check out the article on this "saint", go here

Nikolaj Velimirovic
Bishop, Theologian, Nazi Apologist, Anti-Semite

Nikolai VelimirovićPhoto courtesy

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