Thursday, September 20, 2007

La Julia Sez: "Yer not Only all Terrorists, Yer all Pyros to Boot!"

Well, if Svetlana says something, can our little friend La Julia be far behind in copying her? In her recent post entitled "That's Albantainment" (her original title was "That's Albania! (That's Albantainment!)"), La Julia decides to play the race card once again. She starts off by covering the oddball story that made the wire services a few days ago about the guy in Delvina who decided he was going to set his van on fire if Albania failed to score a goal in a football match against the Netherlands. Of course, whenever she does something like this, she always has an ulterior motive. In this case, it was evidently to prove that not only are ALL Albanians terrorists, but that they're ALL pyros, too. Here's her commentary on the incident:

This reminds me of a point I wanted to make. After almost every new terrorist attack, we are told that in order to fight terrorism, one must remove the “underlying causes of terrorism”. Although the party saying this is usually referring — incorrectly — to either poverty or Jews, what is correct is that there is an underlying cause: pyromania. Instead of fighting a war on terrorists, we need to be treating these people for pyromania. let's see here...she mentions (probably half-flippantly, though that is of no matter, since that would mean that she's also being at least half serious) that she considers the root cause of terrorism to be pyromania. Now there are two "people" mentioned in the article, the Albanians and the Dutch. And a single member of only one of those people is depicted as setting something on fire. And of course pyromania is defined as the love of or arousal by setting things afire. So therefore, according to "GorinLogic", Albanians are all pyros, because according to her "....we need to be treating these people (quite obviously the Albanians, from the context of the article) for pyromania". And why do we need to be treating them for pyromania? Well, because again according to La Julia, they're all terrorists! (Instead of fighting a war on terrorists....") Sir Bedevere couldn't have done any better in the logic department....

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Albiqete said...

Here is some weird news from Serbia
Does that mean that all Serbian wives are cheaters and all the husbands are women beaters?
This article from Julia should be in the weirdest category
She has to be stooped