Thursday, September 27, 2007

Serb National(Social)ist paramilitary thugs threaten UNMIK and NATO

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a few days, folks-I've had major schedule changes at work, which when you're 46, takes a little longer time to adjust to than it did at 26 or even 36. Anyway, I'll be posting some major stuff this weekend, if all works out like it's supposed to, so keep a look out!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this little blurb from B92 which Nick from over on the web boards gave a "heads up" about. Gotta hand to those Serb National(Social)ists; they always play fair and by the rules, and of course always obey the law, just like good, Godly Christian folk are supposed to....

Report: Serb group threatens NATO, UN in Kosovo
27 September 2007 | 16:24 | Source: AP
PRIŠTINA -- A Serb paramilitary group has threatened to target UN and NATO in Kosovo, the AP reported.

The so-called Guard of Czar Lazar, outlawed by UNMIK, has threatened to target international administration and peacekeepers in the province, declaring them "terrorists and occupiers," according to a letter obtained by The Associated Press on Friday.

The letter was reportedly e-mailed to the UN and NATO.

The group, named after a medieval Serb leader who fought the Ottoman Turks in Kosovo in 1389, allegedly said the UN and NATO would face "plenty of surprises," should they prevent a protest that the group has called for Oct. 14 in Kosovo's Serb dominated north.

The militiamen said they would also "intervene in the event of a unilateral declaration of independence."

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Anonymous said...

These thugs think that Kosova is still vulnerable like it was in the 90's where they were able to massacre the local civilian population while the Serb Police and Military forces were protecting them.

Let them come... We are ready!

They will lose this battle just like they lost all the "KOCOBO Battles".