Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chutzpah (n): See under "Julia Gorin"

You know, it's usually the case when a movie or an episode of a TV show comes out, and the bad guy comes from country "X", or belongs to group "Y", that other people coming from that country and/or belonging to that group will lodge complaints against the studio or network presenting said movie or TV show episode. However, their complaint usually is they're afraid that the presentation might give the general public that all people from "X" or who are "Y" are just like the bad guy was. Sometimes the complaint is valid, sometimes it's a case of overreacting on the part of the offended group.

However, when a recent episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent aired an episode which featured a bad guy who was a Serb, guess what our "favorite" blogger from the land of tight slots and chintzy entertainment complained about? That it might give the impression that all Serbs are like that? Noooooo....she complained that it gave the impression that ANY Serbs could be like that!

...."“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” decides it would be timely to re-broadcast an episode in which a Serb — having raped Muslim women in Bosnia — is now raping American women. This is the sort of thing I’ve described in the past as Hollywood’s/TV Land’s wishful thinking, which they try to turn into reality, at least on-screen: Unable to deal with reality as it is, they create an alternate reality in the movies and on TV."
She then goes on to try and bolster her argument by referring to a piece she wrote four years ago for FrontPageMag, where she complained about Hollywood liberals trying to create a world of their own liking through their movies and TV shows, in opposition to what the "real" (or at least real in her opinion) world is, before returning to the subject at hand. She then goes on to say

When one lives in a world of make-believe, nothing has to make any sense, and that’s why it’s called La-La Land. With that in mind, sharp viewers seeing programs and movies irrelevantly still trying to demonize Serbs may be able to discern the real message: if this is what TV is showing us, it probably means that in the real world, the opposite is true and this is just wishful thinking: the writers wish they lived in a world where what they had to worry about were Serbs.

Notice what she says here: An episode of a TV show where a Serb is depicted as having raped women during the Bosnian conflict and now is repeating the same behavior here is "wishful thinking, which they try to turn into reality", and that "if this is what TV is showing us, it probably means that in the real world, the opposite is true and this is just wishful thinking: the writers wish they lived in a world where what they had to worry about were Serbs." In other words, a Serb committing rapes is "wishful thinking", and the opposite of the situation as it exists in the "real" world, apparently meaning that at least according to "La Julia", in the "real" world Serbian men don't (or even aren't capable of) commit rapes-at all, ever. Now to the best of my knowledge, rape (or sexual assault, to use the more technical term) is unfortunately something that exists in most cultures. Now maybe the Serbian culture is different. Maybe that deal Tsar Lazar did with God (or at least according to the Serbian National(Social)ists he did, since of course otherwise the Serbs would have never lost the battle of Kosovo Polje to begin with!) for the "Heavenly Kingdom" had as part and parcel of it the magical preventing of the Serbs from ever committing any kind of sin ever again. Or maybe, more likely, it's just La Julia expressing some of her own "wishful thinking" in addition to her already famous "chutzpah" (and not in the good sense in either case).


Anonymous said...

What's your name, buddy? Where do you live? What's your occupation?

I see you enjoy calling people by their first and last names, even giving the towns where they live on this sewer hate spewing blog of yours; are you calling for a lynch of those you disagree with? would you like for something to happen to them? do you want Gorin's dog killed?

But you reserve the luxury of staying anonymous youself.

Dont worry, I will find who you are. And dont be surprised if your name starts popping up on some web places where you really would not want to be called by your full name.

Take care, buddy, fishing accidents are not so rare.

Peshkatari said...

Either you're some Albanian kid who thinks he's being cute by coming on here and breaking my balls (I allow for this possibility since you evidently know at least some Albanian), or you're some sort of serious psycho. If its the former, or something like that, I have no time for silly bullshit. Go play somewhere else. If, on the other hand, you're the latter, listen up:

Not that it matters, but La Julia's full name is out there for all to see, and she's more than once mentioned where she lives, so it's not exactly a big secret. It's not like I published her address or phone number (neither of which I know) or anything like that.

As far as "staying anonymous", I notice you do that too-hypocrite.

As far as your insane insinuations and conclusions go, I've called for no such thing in the slightest as "lynching" those who I disagree with, or who disagree with me, or anything remotely like it. Believe it or not, I actually believe in something called "civil discourse", something La Julia and her ilk obviously don't. And no, unlike some out there, I don't particularly want "something to happen" to those I disagree with, their families, friends, pets, or anything else. Any retribution they may have coming for their deeds or misdeeds in this life I believe should be left up to The One to whom we shall all answer to one day.

As for being a "sewer hate spewing blog", yes, I'll admit it: I'm guilty of spewing hate in my blog; hate towards hypocrisy, racism, the distorting of facts, the telling of half truths, thinly veiled calls for genocide, the manipulation of people's thoughts and emotions, slander, and a whole host of other such things. And I hope I always do hate each and every one of those things, and I will do my best to encourage others to do the same.

As for the rest of your cute little "threats", all I have to say is: Bring it on, "pal", bring it on-if you can. Trust me, I've dealt with people far worse than you, whose threats were far more serious and credible than yours. And that's all I have to say to the likes of you. Now you have a nice night too, sweetcheeks. ;)

Albiqete said...

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