The story in Ottawa Sun is no longer available online, but a source who lives in Ottawa wrote me the following letter:

I’d like to bring to your attention stabbing of a Serb-Canadian by an Albanian at the Greek festival in Ottawa that happened last month (08/2007). The Albanians came over to the festival with their flag to provoke a reaction from the Greek and Serbian crowd, and they made a mess. The victim survived a stab in the stomach. Here is the link, but the Canadian news censorship works very hard to conceal the identity of the Albanian criminal, so you wouldn’t know who stabbed who unless you were at the festival.

I know about it because I live in Ottawa. Ottawa Sun wrote an article about it, but never mentioned who stabbed whom. The author of the article just mentioned it was a conflict between two ethnic groups. I bet if it was the other way around it would be all over Canadian news. The name of the victim is Sinisa Lakic who was stabbed in the stomach, was in urgent care, but now feels better…This is the link in Serbian from Serbiancafe.

Unfortunately, I don't speak Serbian or Serbo-Croatian, so I have no way of translating the post La Julia's source cites, though I can gather from the context here that it would be considered "hearsay" in any court of law, US or Canadian.

Here is the only thing I was able to find online about this:

Stabbing stuns Ottawa Greek fest — “It all happened so quickly. It was over in 20 seconds. The guy that was stabbed walked over to a chair holding his stomach”

What was supposed to be a celebration of multicultural diversity turned into a nightmare of ethnic rivalry as one man was stabbed in the stomach at the Ottawa Greek Festival.

And I found the following notice here:

“If you have pictures of a stabbing at Greek Fest this week, Ottawa police want to see them.”

Of course, what she doesn't mention is that both articles are still online, just that you have to pay to get them from the newspaper's archives (admittedly $12.50 a pop is pretty steep, but then a nice, successful comedienne like La Julia should be able to afford that, right?).

The source added the following:

I know that during the Serb Festival 2007 in Ottawa this year the unexpected intrusion of Albanian teens was the biggest security concern.

Hmmmm....well, how nice. I guess La Julia has graduated from using "new media" and webboards for her sources to simple gossip and hearsay. But of course, it's brave, noble, GCSes (Godly Christian Serbs) who are doing the gossiping and hearsay, so it must be true! Congratz, Julie've just sunk to a new low in journalistic "standards".

Now let it be known, that if indeed the perpetrator of the stabbing WAS indeed Albanian, and he is eventually caught, then he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Contrary to what La Julia and those like her try to imply every time something like this happens, most Albanians are scrupulously law-abiding, regardless of the country they live in, and consider an act like this to be not only not reflective of true Albanian culture, but also a black mark on the community.

But now comes the part that relates to what I said before about the Albanophobe's real endgame here. Read this part carefully. Burn it into your brain. Better yet, burn it into your soul. Remember it if one day you find a rock crashing through the front window of your home or business with a note attached to it saying "ALBANIANS GET OUT!" or some other such thing. Remember it if one day your kids friends at school suddenly will no longer talk to them, simply because they're Albanian. Remember it if one day a bunch of "Public-Minded Citizens" start publicly boycotting your place of business, just because you're Albanian.

Let’s make a mental note of the fact that Albanian TEENAGERS in CANADA are continuing their parents’ work. This means two things: that Balkan beasts are bringing their ethnic hatreds with them to the New World. And they’re teaching the hatred to their young. In case North Americans still believe they’ll avoid the fate of the Balkans, let this be a warning bell for the long term.

For the record, if you are Albanian, you have just been called a beast. A Beast. Not as in less than human, not as in sub-human, but as in inhuman, as in non-human. And in case you need a translation, La Julia has just said " (they) are bringing their ethnic hatreds with them to the New World. And they’re teaching the hatred to their young. In case North Americans still believe they’ll avoid the fate of the Balkans, let this be a warning bell for the long term, " which will-make no mistake about it-be understood by both her faithful readers (no surprise there) and those who are "on the fence" who just happen upon her site to mean, "These people, a race of thuggish, blood-feuding, tribal, violent, mostly Islamofascist goons are coming to YOUR country, if in fact they're not there already. They'll be YOUR neighbors, YOUR kid's classmates, the owners of businesses in YOUR community. And these beasts in human form will bring their violence and blood feuds with them, and they'll teach it to their young as "tradition" to be carried on, generation after generation, on YOUR streets, in YOUR cites, in YOUR towns. Be warned-this is what you can expect from them-ALL OF THEM."

Remember that. Remember it well. Remember it when they come after you. Remember it when you think back to the time when you used to hear about garbage like that, and thought to yourself "Oh, pooh-pooh. Who cares what that striga Gorin, or any of the Serbs or their supporters, have to say?"