Saturday, October 13, 2007

"La Julia" spells it all out for you!

Well, in case you had any doubt that she meant exactly what she said about Albanians being "Balkan Beasts", here's a little follow up from our little buddy Ms. Gorin:

"Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. And beasts naturally don’t know they’re beasts"

Yep, you heard it right. La Julia just confirmed, in a pretty much stand-alone statement (in her original post, it is meant to refer to an e-mail she got over the weekend about her "Balkan Beast" comments, though it's pretty obvious from her post that it's meant to more or less stand on it's own as well), that she considers ALL, repeat ALL Albanians "beasts" (and crazy, as well). So yep....

Dr. FERID MURAD, you're a BEAST!
JOHN BELUSHI, you were a BEAST! (An "animal" maybe, but a beast, too?)
GJON MILI, you were a BEAST!
AGNES GONXHE BOJAXHIU, you were a BEAST! (Oh, of course I forgot, you were never Albanian to begin with, you were Macedonian!)
SKANDERBEG, you were a BEAST! (Oh that's right, another Albanian who wasn't really Albanian! Now, was your real last name "Kastriotivic" or "Kastriotis"? I never can remember....)

Wow....that's some pretty "beastly" company there! ;)

After publishing the e-mail of someone who goes by the handle of "Shqiperia", (that part of the post I won't replicate here, since I did so as a part of my most recent post before this one; I will say it was a good e-mail, though as I also pointed out in my previous post, it would have been a lot better if he or she'd left the "four-letter words" out....), she then goes on to say:

Actually, I’m an American Jew, but Serbs, Jews — what’s the difference? It’s all non-Albanian to him.

Of course, La Julia is using ideology to hide the truth. Strictly speaking, she's a Jewish person of Russian origin who, IIRC, migrated here when she was about 13 or so with her family, and became a naturalised American citizen. And of course, there's nothing in his or her e-mail about hating non-Albanians-but hey, when you've got ideology, who needs reason, common sense, or facts?

Believe it or not, “Shqiperia”, even though you’ve succeeded in getting the world to hate Serbs, at some point in your life you’re bound to encounter at least one individual who doesn’t adore and patronize Ablanians as a “neutral” position.

Wow-that's some power the Albanian community (by which I mean Albanians, friends, and supporters) must have! That we could have single-handedly gotten virturally the entire planet to hate another people in toto, just by our own efforts. (Now, if someone can just explain to me why a lot of people I meet still mix up Albanian with Armenian, Azerbajani, etc.?) Now, let's all join hands with Julia and all her Serbian National(Social)ist cry-baby buddies in a great big sing-along of "You and Me Against the World"! (Of course, like a great many bullies I dealt with in school when I was a kid, they've managed to convince themselves that it's they who are really the "persecuted ones"!) (And Julia? "Ablanians"?)

Though you probably won’t encounter too many more than that.

(Though check out this anti-Republican guy — whoever he is — in the comments section of HuffPost. He’s onto your tricks big time: “Albanians, just like republicans, can’t seem to be able to tell the truth. It’s all spin. Albania for Albanians.”)

Actually, what La Julia leaves out oh-so-convieniently (well, besides the fact that he's not only saying that you can't believe Albanians, but you can't believe Julia's bunch, the Repubs, either-so I guess that means he's on to your tricks "big time" too, Julie baby) is that said poster goes on HuffPo by the name of "Milwaukee Dan". Interestingly enough, here's another HuffPo comment made by "Milwaukee Dan"

MilwaukeeDan (See profile | I'm a fan of MilwaukeeDan)
Speaking of war crimes, in the Hague, there are Albanians, Bosnians(Croats,Muslims,Serbs), Croatians, Montenegrins and Serbians on trial or in jail for war crimes as are some African leaders. There is not a single American on trial there. From what I could recall, the USA set up the international war crimes tribunal, but its soldiers could not stand trial there?!! The former Yugoslav leaders where greedy,stupid nationalist gangsters. The United States has occupied 2 countries, killed thousands of innocent civilians,created a civil war,stood by while ethnic cleansing goes on,created over 2 million refugees and has made hell for the remaining inhabitants. Yet, there is no talk of war crimes, strange. Danilovic

Two things to note: Milwaukee, like Cleveland OH, and Chicago IL, is a city with a HUGE Serbian American and Serb diaspora population, most of whom are staunch Democrats. And second, the "Dan" in "Milwaukee Dan" evidently stands for "Danilovic". Can you say "probably already biased and prejudiced when it comes to things having to do with the Balkans"? I thought you could. :)

(BTW, Julie? In response to your post's rhetorical statement,
A Lot of Letters from the Weekend for Some Reason
well, the reason for that would've been me. :) See, I've been very busy letting people know, by way of this webblog and various webboards, what you're up to. So if you get a whole lot of fun letters from Albanian folks letting you know they don't think very much of you, I'm proud to say I likely had a hand in it. You're welcome. )

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