Saturday, October 6, 2007

More fun with "Mr. Anonymous"!

Tungjatjeta, y'all! Well, it's the end of Crazy Week #2 for me, hence why you haven't seen any new posts here at ARC until now. Hopefully things will start settling down soon, and I'll finally have time to start doing the blog again like I had been (of course, having a few volunteers to help out wouldn't hurt, either-hint, hint!). is considered a truism in many religions and in many cultures that that which is dark does not like being exposed to light. Therefore, our little buddy "Mr. Anonymous" decided to send me a follow-up threat for daring to openly post on the main page of this blog his little diatribe he posted to the comments section of one of my posts, and my response to him. (FYI, my absence has most definitely not in any way been because of him. It takes a lot more-a LOT more-to scare me than half-assed threats and attempts at intimidation such as he and people like him truck in.) Well, "Mr. Anonymous", get ready to get put out again.... :D

your name
your state & town
your work

I want to look you in the eye and see how brave you really are.

like puting peoples pics up there? time to post your own mug up, bubballoo!

(Why is the first thing that enters my head when reading this guy's posts is the words of the great Bugs Bunny: "What a Maroon!"?)

My response (I correct the order here, as I edited my original response to him after I'd posted it, hence it appears out of order on the original page. Also I made two responses, which I've edited below into one.): gotta put the work in for that yourself, asshat. (Besides, you forgot address and phone #!) But hey, if by some chance you do find those out and can actually find me, like I said, by all means bring it on. I've dealt with bigger fish than you before-bet on it! Also, what's the big deal about putting people's pics up? All the pics I use are public and out in the open (unlike you), so I'm not betraying any secrets. I think you need to either learn how blogs work, or find a better excuse to "call me out" with, pal.

And that will be the last response I'll make to "Mr. Anonymous". But hey, dude-feel free to keep hanging yourself by posting stupid threats to my blog. Rest assured, I'll keep right on posting them (and anyone else's) on the main page, even if I don't respond to 'em! :)

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